Monday, April 30, 2012

Well, readers, we have had a little turnabout. The blog hop is going to hoppen over on my other blog, not here! It seems the URL for my other blog was put into the hop by mistake. So rather than make a big fuss and everyone have to make changes, I will make the change.

Not a real big fuss. But I had wanted to feature the newest children's book Sassy Pants Makes Amends and this new site that I am constructing to be a safe place for kids and a resource for parents! However, I have come to the conclusion that the Lord is indicating that this was my idea, not His. We go with His ideas! I will be referencing this site so we will have some visitors during the hop!

For visitors during the hop there you have the opportunity to enter a drawing. The prize is either a set of the two Sassy Pants books; a value of $20 (because postage is so crazy expensive) OR, a set of the burden bearing books valued at $30. After the drawing I will contact the winner to find which set they would like and send them off. Just like that! You see the "Giveaway" button to the right on the other blog. You can go over there by clicking here. Then fill in your name and a working email address and it goes off to the Rafflecopter who guards everyone's information. That is where I will learn who is the winner on the 15th.

Would love to have you make comments and/or follow this blog as well. But commenting or following in no way affects the drawing. The blog hop will be here before we know it. Such fun to hop from blog to blog and find out what all these wonderful authors are up to!

A big thank you to all those who have been stopping in to watch as Sassy Pants & Co. is built, bit by bit! Molly, Sassy Pants and I are looking forward to chatting with you all.

Blessings, Carol

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