Parent and Teacher Resources

The goal of this page is to share what I know and what I have read and think would be helpful for you as a parent and/or teacher.

Sassy Pants Makes Amends is published by Tate Publishing and is the second of a series of four. It is available in most retail bookstores, Amazon or order direct from my website in the U. S. only. You may also purchase the first in the series, titled Sassy Pants.

Written for 3-5 graders, but younger children, good readers in 2nd grade and adults all enjoy the story! Older children, if it’s not cool to read little books it would be safe to read it to the little kids!

Interestingly, folks in Recovery groups snap it up for the understandable explanation of amends!
A parent teacher manual is available here: Parent/Teacher Manual. Scroll down--it's the one on the bottom!

Understanding burden bearing and how that affects the parent/child relationship is a super resource!See the chapter titled "Parenting a Burden Bearing Child," in The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity. It is best to understand burden bearing first, and then see how it relates to your parenting.


An excellent book for understanding the developmental needs and tasks as a child matures is, Living With Men, by E. James Wilder. I excerpted a section of this book for the Parent/Teacher Manual--it is really good!

I have also appreciated the insights of Dr. Elaine Aron. She has written several books on highly sensitive people. She provides a self-test and a checklist on her site that is helpful. Her books are secular; she does not speak to the spiritual aspects of high sensitivity. For that you will need to see The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity.


My latest discovery! The Teacher's Corner is absolutely wonderful! I went looking for a crossword puzzle maker when working on the Activities Page of this blog and found all kinds of activity sheet makers.  Check them out to see if any of it will work for your needs.