Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to Keep Cool When You Are Hot!

Here is a question for you Miss Molly!  How do you stay so cool (calm and peaceful) when it is really hot? I am just crabby! ~ Jennifer (age 9)

Hello Jennifer!

Yes, there is something about being too hot that makes you crabby! I can just see you--you are quietly reading and your little brother comes crashing onto the couch and takes your book. You hit him and take it back and yell at him to go away and stop pestering you. He cries as loudly as he can and calls, “Mom, he hit me!” Then you yell at mom, “He took my book!” For some crazy reason the hotter it gets, the more he pesters. The more he pesters, the madder you get! You just want to hit and scream. It is hot and nearly everyone is crabby! There is more than one way you can be hot. You can be hot from the heat which has its own type of problems. And you can be hot with anger, which creates another set of problems. But there are things you can do to help cool and calm.

Heat makes your brain turn off! You forget to think. You forget who you are and how you want to act. And you forget your manners and do and say things that hurt.

Our barnyard solution is to scatter and give each other more space. For example: The geese leave the barnyard and stay on the pond. The pigs soak in the mud. The cows, sheep and other “grass eaters” try to not move and find shade and give each other lots of space. The birds and chickens fluff their feathers so the air can cool them down. You can do something similar.

You might try these ideas:

·       Turn on the sprinkler or play in a pool if you have one

·       Ask your mom if she has stuff for lemonade

·       Suck on ice cubes

·      Stay away from the kids who fight – fighting makes you even hotter, both kinds of hot!

·       Find more good books and a quiet place to read. If you have to share the space, find some masking tape and tape off the area for each kid.

·       Do you forget manners when you are hot or angry? Think about the kind of person you want to be. Write down how you want to act so when you forget, you can read it and remember!

·        Make a list of ideas for activities that will distract from the heat
Can you help us with this list? If you have an idea that works to calm or make you cool, please share it in the comment box! Let’s see how big we can make the list!

See you down by the gate! Carol Brown

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