About the books

Sassy Pants is an entertaining story of a cute little pig with a very big attitude. You will shake your head foreseeing the trouble Sassy Pants is about to cause herself as she plunges snout first into her quest to return to the “Big House,”—her response to being returned to the pig pen after being bottle fed and coddled by Mrs. White and her four boys—well, maybe only three because one didn’t like pigs very much!

You will shake with laughter and groan with sympathy as Sassy Pants becomes the barn yard bully and systematically ruins just about every relationship she has! She is rude and does not listen to advice or correction. She ignores feelings, fences, boundaries, and authority! She has no time for “being nicey-nice!” She does not even listen to the boss hog! Her “jokes” make no one else laugh. She causes Mrs. White to have a tizzy; ruffles feathers, and ties fur in knots but “she does not notice, nor does she care!” After a most troublesome summer the barnyard friends turn to Farmer White for help to stop Sassy Pants’s rampage!

 “Some learn the easy way, and some learn the hard way.” Find out how Sassy Pants learned and became a “reformed pig!”

Sassy Pants Makes Amends is about fixing a friendship when you are the one who broke it!
For those who are following Sassy Pants adventures, her and choices and consequences, you remember that we left her a very humble pig, soaking her nose and tush in the mud hole.

In Sassy Pants Makes Amends, Old Clyde finds her alone and friendless. Full of remorse and very repentant, Sassy Pants wants to fix her broken friendships but no one trusts her! Why should they? However, Old Clyde knows a way to fix a friendship when you are the one who broke it!  You do amends--that's going way beyond sorry. It is finding what is important to the friend you hurt and making that become important to you too! Follow Sassy Pants as she works to repair the friendships she broke!

Parents, you will find conversations flow easily with your children on such topics as:

  • Learning the easy way versus the hard way
  • Choices and consequences
  • Different kinds of “sorry”
  • Character traits such as selfishness and stubbornness, thoughtfulness or indifference, kindness and politeness or rudeness, wisdom, and self-control
  • Listening to others
  • Respecting feelings, fences, boundaries, and authority
  • Bullying
Teachers, Sassy Pants Makes Amends is wonderful for classroom reading and discussion. You can assign Sassy Pants as reading in coordination with Geography, Social studies and American History—the periods of the early settlers and the American Indians who lived in northeastern Iowa along the Mississippi River, The Mound Builders

A parent/teacher manual with additional suggestions is available for download free on the resources page just as soon as we get everything hooked up!

 The Sassy Pants Series is published by Tate Publishing. Sassy Pants is the first and Sassy Pants Makes Amends is the second of a series of four. Both books are available in most retail bookstores, Amazon.com. Tate Publishing or order an autographed copy direct from my website.

Other titles to follow:
                  · Sassy Pants and the Strange Creature—about getting
                   along with those different from yourself

                  · Sassy Pants and The Boss Hog—about finding
                   her father’s heart

A great series for your child or the “child within!”