Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Miss Molly

Welcome Blog-hop Readers! Today's Listening Post Interview is Miss Molly
Reported by: Sis White

Sis: Hi Miss Molly. Would you be willing to talk with us about the new Sassy Pants book that's just been released?

MM: Certainly!
Sis: I was wondering if you could give us a little snapshot of you and Sassy Pants and how you became a team.

MM: (Laughing) Old Clyde would be responsible for the two of us getting together. We were the most unlikely of all the animals on the farm to be friends! Pigs and sheep do not have anything in common. Not only that, but she and I are complete opposites--she is loud and active; I am quiet and contemplative. She loves dirt and mud; I avoid them both! Why Old Clyde chose me over anyone else is a mystery. I did not want to give Sassy Pants a second thought, much less a second chance, but amazingly, it worked. Oh, you should have seen the arched eyebrows and the strange looks when the two of us walked by!

Sis: Any ideas as to why it did work?

MM: I believe Old Clyde saw something in both of us that we didn't know was there. What I see in Sassy Pants is first, she is one who never gives up. Secondly, when she is convinced that something is right, she will hang in there . . . I admire her for that. When she finally understood what amends and forgiveness accomplish, she kept at it. That insensitive, disruptive, rude . . . oh, I run out of adjectives to describe her before! But she persevered and made things right with everyone she offended. Now, I am happy to say that she is one of my best friends! I trust her.

Now for Sassy Pants, I think Old Clyde saw the sensitive heart beneath the tough exterior. The electric fence was a real shocker to Sassy Pants, but as difficult as that was, I think it was the best thing that could have happened. If no one had stopped her, I do believe her heart would have turned to stone and she would have no feeling for anyone. Amazingly, it changed her and unlocked the goodness in her heart and allowed her to become one of the most thoughtful, protective, sensitive pigs I have ever encountered. She cares. I am proud to call her "friend." Down right amazing!

Sis: What do you think Old Clyde saw in you?
MM: Me? Well . . . I was still quite young and did not know myself nearly so well as I do now. I would say that he saw that I was one who can give second chances, and third and fourth! If you are honestly trying . . . I am with you! That's why I became the barnyard instructor. I love helping anyone who is truly trying and willing to learn. And I think he saw Sassy Pants sensitivity, that even she did not know was there. Most think of someone who is sensitive as being shy and quiet. Sassy Pants is not quiet or shy! But when it is time for her to recharge her batteries, you will find her out in the woodsy part of the pig pen or taking a quiet mud bath when no one is around. Interesting that we both recharge in the quiet, don't you think?

Sis: That is interesting indeed. Miss Molly, tell me. Do you think Sassy Pants will keep at this "Amends" thing? Or will she fizzle out and quit. What she did for Gerald Gosling Goose III was impressive, but do you really think she can keep doing amends until she has repaired all her broken friendships?
MM: There is one thing you must know about Sassy Pants--she is determined! Once she makes up her mind on something, she doesn't change it! You watch. She will not quit; she will keep making amends until every last broken friendship is repaired. That's my friend!

Sis: And it sounds like a friend worth keeping!

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Also readers, if you have a story about a friend worth keeping, we would love to have you tell us about your friend and why you want to keep him/her!

Meet you down at the gate...
Miss Molly

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