Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where Is Everyone?

Whew! Now that the blog hop is over the barnyard is rather quiet. Poor Miss Molly is so tired from being up and at attention all day, every day for a week that she has been sleeping and gave herself a severe case of "bed head!" She refuses to be seen until she gets her wool under control!

Sassy Pants took off over the hill. I think she is routing for acorns down in the far corner of the pig pen--where hardly anyone goes. She needs her quiet. I laughed right out loud when I found Gerald and Goosie Goose. She saw me and promptly put her head under water! Bless her heart, she talked to so many people even Goosie is out of words! I never thought I would see the day! So I just waved and kept on going. (smile) Saw Old Clyde out in the clover patch by the walnut trees.

Grey Tommie is out hunting somewhere and Kitty and the kittens are under the corn crib. I didn't even hear any chickens. Oh, I know they are out and about, but usually they are singing away all happy like or someone is letting the world know that they laid an egg. Not today. The pig herd is spread out over the entire pen; the cows and sheep are also scattered about their pastures. The barnyard is quiet, even the Listening Post is still.

Well, kids, it is time for a good book. How about I make us a snack, you find a book (if your mom says it is okay, have her order it here) and we will meet down by the pond for a lazy afternoon read! Let me know what book you chose!

AND if you are in the Grand Rapids area, come see me this Saturday at the Java Gym, 2211 E Beltline Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525. I will be there signing books!

Happy Reading!
Mrs. Brown--otherwise known as Mrs. B.

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