Friday, May 11, 2012

Old Bitty

Welcome Blog-hop readers! Today's Character Sketch is of Old Bitty, the one old hen who was a hold out as everyone else in the barnyard was willing to forgive Sassy Pants and give her a second chance. She is an example for us that sometimes people also choose to not forgive. They hold on to what they think about you and will not change their mind, no matter what. Let's see what Old Bitty has to say!

Sis:  Good morning Old Bitty; a fine day wouldn't you say?
Old Bitty: No, I wouldn't say. It's just another day of scratching for a living. That's all I'd say.

Sis: But Old Bitty! It is such a lovely spring day! It's perfect for follicking and fun! How can you be so serious?
OB:  Life is serious business, that's how. A hen has to scratch for a living you know regardless of the weather--and drop an egg a day or "The Mrs." will wonder about you. Next thing you know, she will think you are broody and get a box and expect you to sit in it all day. Like that silly Maude. She's one nervous nelly, that broody hen. Sets there all day. Gets off that nest to get a drink and a little bite and back she goes! I have more to do than set on eggs all day.

Sis: Would you explain what it is that you do in the barnyard? What exactly is your job?
OB: My job? Well, this is a job that I designed myself. There really wasn't anything that fit my personality in the barnyard so I designed it and wrote my own job description.

Sis: That's wonderful that you could do that--that way the job really fits!
OB: Wonderful? I don't think in those terms. I don't do "wonderful."
Sis: Then tell us what you do, Old Bitty.
OB: Well, I guess you could say that I am the humor police-hen. In that capacity I patrol the barnyard and put out excessive humor sort of like a fireman. I dump cold water on silliness.

Sis: Um, I see that you are very fit, very athletic. Do you get lots of exercise with this job?
OB: I should say! It's a good thing I have long legs. Whenever I hear cackeling going on outside the hen house I have to investigate immediately. I run from one end of the barnyard to the other several times a day. These young hens do not know protecal. They get to laughing and it sounds like cackeling. They have to stop the laughing. Life is serious and the only proper place for cackeling is in the hen house when you have laid an egg--it's only proper! I'm constantly putting out outbursts of laughter. You bet I am fit! And here dear readers, Old Bitty strutted her stuff! (smile)

Sis: Old Bitty, I understand that you have a definite opinion about Sassy Pants. Could you share with our readers?
OB: Humph, pigs is pigs! I do not like them. I do not talk to them. I have nothing to do with them.
Sis: But I understand that Sassy Pants has made a real change, that she is a considerate, responsible pig--and that she is a lot of fun!
OB:  Humph! Pigs is pigs. That's all I have to say!

And dear readers, she put her beak in the air and fluffed up her feathers and walked off in a huff! I wish you could have seen it. Sis stood there with her mouth open and her eyes as big as saucers! What would you call it when someone refuses to change their mind? Have any of you met someone who did not want to laugh, be friendly and nice? How did you react? Or, do you know someone who has an opinion that they will not change not matter what--just like Old Bitty? You can leave your story in the comment box. 

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